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Develop the Right Habits

to Perform At Work and Succeed in Life

Are your habits holding you hostage from having a better and more fulfilling life?

I work with high achievers, people just like you, to understand their habits and how they can deliberately design and create and the right habits – to be better at work and happier at home.   

I write and speak on the topic of habits, and how you can use the power of habits to increase productivity, become healthier, manage stress, create teams, and achieve goals.  My inspiration is from my own journey in becoming a black belt in karate, life lessons from being a working parent, becoming healthy while learning to live with an autoimmune disease, and of course, other inspirational people, the latest research in neuroscience and behavioural psychology. 

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Why I have a juice a day



Why I have a juice a day

I grew up not liking vegetables very much.  In fact, my vocabulary of vegetables was limited to include potatoes, sweet potatoes and perhaps some pumpkin. Today, I really enjoy a variety of vegetables and fruits.  The colours are simply enticing: the glorious reds of tomatoes, strawberries and bell peppers, the bright oranges and yellows of pumpkin, pine apples and bananas, and the glorious greens of…

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