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Personal Impact

Learn to do more on what matters most for happiness at home and success at work.


Team Impact

Create teams that not just work well together, but also perform, contribute and achieve.


Leadership Impact

Build leadership skills that inspire and motivate.

When you insist on making an impact...

Adele du Rand - Keynote Speaker and Business Writer

When you want to take control of your time, energy and mood so you can achieve your goals and dreams, when you want to get excited and engaged in your own life, and when you want to win at work, there is no alternative: keynote speaker and business writer Adele du Rand helps you to spend your time and energy on the things that matter.  

Achieving success is not about hacks for productivity, ticking off your to-do list and finding the latest tips to manage your time efficiently.  It is about making an impact: having the energy and mood so you are fully engaged in your own life and have the creativity and stamina to be your best at work - as a high-achieving individual, as part of a high-impacting team and as a leader in an organisation that makes a positive impact in the community and industry they serve.   

What does Adele do differently?  Adele challenges ways of thinking about performance, productivity and achieving goals.  She dismantles long-held theories about motivation and success, and encourages conversation about goals, habits and happiness. Through her keynote presentations and writing in her blog, she guides high-performing leaders and teams to move away from a performance-have-to-have-it-all mentatlity to making-an-impact-mentality.  


Welcome to the community of high achievers who are committed to make a positive impact in the world.  Adele du Rand helps turns overwhelm into focus, activity into productivity and discontent into happiness through keynote presentations, team facilitation and leadership development. 


Know your strenghts and development areas, practice new behaviours and influence others.


Team dynamics can make or break success. Do you truly have a team?


Experienced keynote speaker at conferences and events.


Adele du Rand Speaking
Democratic Alliance Women's Day event, August 2015
Democratic Alliance, Women's Day event, August 2015
LeaderCon Kick Block Punch 3
LeaderCon Kick Block Punch
Accenture Womens Forum 2
LeaderCon Kick Block Punch 2
The Naked Speaker, Adele du Rand
The Naked Speaker, Adele du Rand


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