It’s crazy out there! Chronic illness and autoimmune diseases are time thieves and dream killers.  Who has time for that?

The disruption caused by the economic recession, Covid-19, and general uncertainty are impacting how we work. Balance and health have crept out of the back door, and illness, chronic and autoimmune diseases are breaking down the front door. That means we need to look after our health NOW. How else will we be ready to face what is coming next?

Leading with Autoimmunity

Strategies to lead when you have an autoimmune disease - increase energy and reclaim vitality.

Team Health and Productivity

A fresh playbook to help teams be healthy and happy during disruption, chaos and crisis.

Work with Me

Reclaim your energy, regain your health and go get your dreams!

Keynote Presentation for your Online Event

You want me there!  Taking topics about health to a new level!  Energetic, sharp and entertaining!


Topics about health, wellness and performance!

Your Personal Health Coach and Guide

Just because you have an autoimmune disease, doesn’t mean you can still be a great leader who gets stuff done!  Have your personal health coach to help you stay on the top of your game!

Team Health & Productivity Playbook

A 3-hour interactive workshop and playbook for your team, focusing on practical strategies and tools to not only survive this disruption, crisis and chaos, but thrive into the post-pandemic economy!