Slide Find out how enjoying more fruits and vegetables can benefit you! Whether you are a newbie to juicing, or a health guru looking to deepen your knowledge, this is my personal wellness space with plenty of resources on juicing and general wellness. Juicing 101 New to juicing? Start here! Learn the basics of juicing and make your first juice today! Start here trending_flat Juicing Plans Want to do a juice-only plan? Do it the right way! From 3-day to 30-day programmes. Find Out More trending_flat Events & Workshops Live & online juicing masterclasses, juice retreats and keynote speaker for your next event. Find Out More trending_flat


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Slide Meet Adele As a juicing and autoimmune wellness coach, Adele du Rand, inspires others to get healthy, increase their energy and fuel their lives. She has been juicing since 2017, and she has tried and tested recipes and knows what works and what doesn’t! Adele believes she tripled her energy, reclaimed her health and reignited her passion for life through juicing and lifestyle changes. Now she helps others to achieve the same! Read more...


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Slide Thank you, Adele, for the amazing Masterclass! My wife and I have been juicing for a while but you have shown us how to take it to the next level. In my line of business, energy and passion play a big role and you are honestly on the spot here. Rodger Payne Managing Director - Motoring Solutions Slide There is a lot of information online on the subject of juicing, Adele has a knack of bringing it to life. I just loved her presentation style, it made me feel like I was having a chat with a friend! Jason Sandler Stress Management Authority Slide Adele's talk fitted in perfectly with our topic. There were numerous points that resonated with me and many ladies in the audience reinterated this. Adele is extremely professional and holds the audience attention effortlessly. Nicki Blignaut The South African Council for Business Women Slide Adele inspired me to start juicing. It was lockdown and we were encouraged to learn a new language or skill. I didn't have energy for any of that. Adele's amazing blogs inspired me to choose me. As the Self-care queen nourishing my body was a no brainer. I feel revitalized and beautiful. Thank you Adele! Leigh Joy Inspirational Speaker & Selfcare Consultant Client testimonials