5 Health Benefits of Juicing

Juicing has a lot of benefits, and today I want to share the 5 greatest benefits of juicing from a health perspective.  Here are the 5 greatest benefits, and if you want a more in-depth explanation, just read on!

  1. Increased vitamins and minerals in your diet.
  2. Potential weight loss
  3. Increased energy
  4. Reduce inflammation
  5. Protect against disease.

Increased vitamins and minerals in your diet


Your body requires a lot of vitamins and minerals to function optimally, and the best source of vitamins and minerals are from fruit and vegetables.  Now, if you are like me and struggle to eat a variety of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables each day (the target is 10 portions, more about that later), creating a freshly extracted raw juice from fruit and vegetables is a great way to increase vitamins and minerals.  


Potential weight loss

Incorporating juicing into your life may help you to lose weight, depending on the fruit and vegetables that you use.  A freshly extracted juice may contain fewer calories than your typical snack or meal while providing amazing nutrition.  


Increased energy

Increased energy is the main reason why I juice.  Juicing is a great way to support energy production in your body, without having to rely on caffeine or energy drinks.  Include foods that are high in B vitamins to support energy production, like leafy greens, citrus fruit, beet and ginger, to name a few.  Juicing is an easy and fast way to get these B vitamins into your body and into your cells. 


Reduce inflammation

If you are struggling with low-grade inflammation, a freshly extracted juice may be able to help reduce inflammation.  Many fruit and vegetables are anti-inflammatory, and a freshly extracted juice is a powerful way to provide a huge amount of anti-inflammatory food and antioxidants into your body.  Fruit and vegetables that are loaded with vitamin C, like kiwi, citrus fruit and even leafy greens, may help to reduce inflammation.


Protect against disease

Research done by the Imperial College London found that enjoying 10 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables each day, offer you the best protection against cardiovascular disease and support optimal health.  Just to give you an idea, 10 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables equals about 800 grams of fruit and vegetables, and that is a LOT of fruit and vegetables!  If you are struggling to eat it, why not drink it?  Juicing is a delicious way to achieve the target of 10 portions of fruit and vegetables each day.  A green juice, specifically, can help to reduce toxins in the body, as it contains phytochemicals that may help to dissolve free radicals in the body.  


These are my 5 greatest health reasons why I love juicing!