Hi!  I am Adele du Rand, and I am so happy you are here!  If you have been googling “juicing”, you have likely found a sea of juice information, and not all of the information is accurate or helpful.  


I have been juicing since 2017, and I have tried a lot and researched even more!  I have made mistakes and worked out what works well and what you should avoid.  You don’t have to learn those lessons – I am here to help you create the juicy life you want!

Here is a little more about me.  When it comes to helping people reclaim their energy and fuel your passion, I’m the real deal!  Here’s why:


  • I started juicing in 2017 when I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and when nothing else helped.  I was diagnosed in 2015 with an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and I was overweight, fatigued and lost my passion for life.
  • I did my first 30 day juice program in 2017, and it changed my life!  Not only did I lose weight, but I also tripled my energy, regained my focus and reignited my passion for life!  
  • I don’t get sick a lot, and I attribute it to the fact that we drink a ginger shot and a juice every day!  When I do get sick, I get over it more quickly.
  • I have started a juicing company during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.  So many of my friends were looking for solutions to be healthier and to boost their immune systems, and I launched Dela Juices, cold-pressed preservative-free juices.  

My food philosophy

I want this website to inspire you to drink a juice a day, and that it is an easy and delicious way to boost your immune system and better your health!  I love spending hours tinkering in the kitchen testing out new juice recipes, researching nutrition and understanding how we can help our complex bodies be strong and healthy!


I fully realise that I am not a qualified nutritionist or health professional, and no point am I advocating that I am that.  However, I am an autoimmune patient who wants to inspire you to be healthier and more energised!  


The recipes and information you will find here are based on the following:


  • Raw fresh fruits and vegetables that are just SO good for our bodies!
  • Using seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Use organic produce where possible.
  • Easy recipes that are quick to make with ingredients that are generally easy to find.
  • Gluten-free.  No oats or muesli, so if you need to avoid gluten, these recipes are for you!
  • Dairy-free.  If you do enjoy dairy, you are welcome to replace the nut milk with your preferred dairy product.
  • No added sugars.
  • Free from preservatives.
  • Living simply and clean!
  • Researched and science-backed information on health and nutrition.

A few fun facts

  • I hate going to the gym, and I love playing a game of squash!
  • I am proudly South African!  I live in Centurion, South Africa, with my husband Johann and daughter.
  • I have a 3rd Dan in JKA Karate.
  • I have been the Gauteng chapter president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa for two years.
  • I have completed my DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) with Toastmasters International.
  • I have a serious competitive streak (but in a nice way!).

I love juicing, and I want to help you love juicing too!  Stick with me and let’s have fun creating a beautiful and fulfilling life!


Happy juicing!