You have your medical doctor.  Why would you need a health & Wellness coach?


I have learned that your medical doctor plays a very important role in your health journey: to diagnose what is wrong with you, and to ensure that the treatment plan is optinal for you, specifically medication.  The problem is that with many of the other changes doctors often recommend you make, like changing your eating habits, incorporating stress management or making other lifestyle changes, your doctor cannot guide and support you weekly throughout this journey.  


This is where a health coach comes in.  A health coach works with you to help make the change you need to make so you create new healthy habits and keeping you accountable and on track with your health goals.  


Your health is a tapestry of interactions, lifestyle choices, eating habits, behaviours, emotions, stress and personal fulfillment.  Knowing what to remove or add to your diet – dairy, gluten, meat, supplements, sweeteners to name a few – can be mindboggling!  A health coach is trained to look deeper into your health and life and give you a different perspective on where and how you need to focus on your health plan.


In a nutshell, a health coach is a person who can help you to develop your action plan, lay it out in a step-by-step format, support you along the way in between your doctor visits and blood labs, and keeps you accountable.  A health coach won’t ask you to explore your feelings, diagnose conditions or prescribe medication.  It is their role to help you make the changes in your life so you can live your best and healthy life!


Now, I help others in their health journey.  If you want me as your health coach, book a consultation and let’s get you started on the journey to health!