Flood your body with nutrition, boost your energy and improve your health with a Juice REboot

A juice-only plan for a few (or many) days is a great way to jumpstart your health journey!   Many people, including myself, have done a juicing program to support their health goals.  Juicing, while just another way to enjoy more fruit and vegetables, supports your body by flooding your body with nutrients, while you are removing denatured and nutrient-void food.


Select any of the holistic juice plans created for people who struggle with fatigue, stubborn weight gain, acne, bloating and brain fog.  Nothing is more frustrating than living in a body that is holding you back from living a fulfilling life! 


The Juicing Programs range from a 3-day to 28-day juice programs.  Every program is focused on giving your body amazing nutrition – focusing on macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat),  micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients) as well as fiber (both soluble and insoluble).


You will know exactly what to make and enjoy!  This is a juice plan that is not only delicious (no kale in my juices) but also easy to make.  The Juicing Program is not a diet… it is a game plan that sets you up for a healthier lifestyle!  

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Select the Juice Reboot that is right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The terms “juice cleanse”, “juice detox” and “juice fast” is often used interchangeably.  There are a few reasons why I don’t refer to my Juicing Programs as cleanses or fasts.

First, the word “fast” relates to abstain from all or some kinds of food.  While you will not be eating certain foods during the Juicing Program, you will definitely not be deprived of food.  In fact, you will enjoy a number of juices throughout the day and you will be giving your body a huge amount of nutrients.

Second, a juice cannot detox you.  Your body has built-in detox mechanisms, and your liver plays a key role in the body’s detox processes.  The body has four detox pathways (ways to eliminate toxins): breathing, sweating, urinating and bowel movements.  When you do a Juicing Program, you are reducing the toxins that are coming into your body from food (gluten, diary and other inflammatory foods), and your body now has the opportunity to naturally detox the body without more toxins continuously replacing the toxins that were just removed.  So, a juice cannot detox your body.  Your body detoxes your body.

Third, many of the juicing diets I have seen is based purely on drinking cold-pressed juices for a period of time.  There are no sources of protein, fat and insoluble fiber.  With this Juicing Program, sources of protein (either plant-based and/or collagen) and fat (avocado and/or MCT oil and/or chia seeds) and sources of insoluble fiber (by blending avocado, nuts, seeds and chia seeds).  This is about making sure that in addition to the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients), you also obtain the balance of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat and protein).

Prescription medication should only be changed or stopped upon instruction of your licensed medical doctor.  Please consult with your doctor before stopping or changing any medication and supplements you may be taking.

There are many reasons why it may be necessary to take supplements.  Please do not stop your supplements when you start the Juicing Program.  Please consult with your licensed medical doctor before making any changes to your supplements.

A question I am often asked.  Eating more fruits and vegetables are always good for you, especially eating more vegetables.  No doctor will ever tell you not to eat more fruits and vegetables, unless you are allergic to specific produce, have food sensitivities or have a medical condition where certain fruits and vegetables must be avoided.

A study by the Imperial College London found that we need to eat 10 portions (approximately 800 grams) of fresh fruit and vegetables every day to best protect us against disease like heart disease.  That is a lot of fruit and vegetables.  And juicing can help to increase your intake of all those amazing nutrients, especially if there are certain fruit and vegetables that you don’t enjoy eating.

Juicing and smoothies have received a bad rap when it is mostly made from fruit, with the concern that it contains too much fructose (the sugar found in fruit).  While the juices that you will enjoy in any of the Juicing Programs will have a fruit in as a base, the bulk of the juice will be vegetables.

Also, interesting to note, studies have found that pure fruit juice does NOT raise blood glucose (blood sugar) levels and insulin levels.

Last, to support my view that juicing is in fact healthy, is a study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences found that fruit and vegetables juices may improve cardiovascular health, especially mixtures of juices as they contain a variety of polyphenols, vitamins and minerals.

While a Monday feels like a natural start date, I want to recommend you start your Juicing Program on a Friday.  The reason is that you may experience the symptoms of your body’s detoxing processes that are suddenly working effectively, like headache and tiredness.  You can take it slow and rest on the Saturday and Sunday at home.  Of course, depending on your work requirements and social commitments, a Friday might not be best.  So pick a start date that works best for you.

Beetroot is one of those veggies that people either love or hate.  While I don’t eat beetroot at all, there are three beetroot juices that I love!  But that is me.  If you don’t eat beetroot, don’t worry!  There will be a choice of a beetroot juice or another juice that you can enjoy in the place of the beetroot juice.

You will need both a juicer and a blender to complete any Juicing Program.  I recommend a slow juicer, like the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer, or you can use a high-speed centrifugal (fast) juicer.  You will also need a high-powered blender (like a Nubribullet or Vitamix) to blend in the avocado, nuts, seeds and banana.

Please do not juice and drink any fruits and vegetables that you are allergic to, or have food sensitivities.  In your Guidebook, you will receive a list of substitutions that you can refer to.  Please replace the problem ingredient with another ingredient from the recommended substitution list.

The Juicing Programs are designed to include fruit and vegetables that are generally available during the year.  If for any reason you struggle to find a specific ingredient, please refer to the substitution guide in your Guidebook for alternative ingredients than you can use.

Losing excess weight is often a motivating factor for doing a Juicing Program.  Most people, and I include myself in this group, have lost weight when doing a Juicing Program.  Remember that our bodies are complex and our health status are different, so one person’s results may differ from another.

Everyone’s health goals differ.  While weight loss may be a goal, I recommend you rather focus on healing your body with nutritious and real food.  Weight loss is often an added bonus.