Why juicing?

Why is juicing a good idea?  Why do I love it?  Simply, it is a fantastic way to nourish your body with the amazing and essential nutrients your body needs to be healthy, to detox and to perform!  While eating your fresh fruit and vegetables are the best way, and always recommended, I have found that many people simply do not eat enough fresh, raw fruit and vegetables.

Juicing is the easiest way to squeeze nutrition into your diet, especially when you struggle to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables.  For example, I do not eat beetroot, yet I have a few amazing juice recipes that feature beetroot!  This way, I still give my body nutrition without having to force myself to eat food that I don’t like.  So imagine you don’t like to eat leafy greens (for example, lettuce, spinach and kale), you can incorporate it into a juice and still benefit from the nutrients without having to eat it.

Ideally, we need to eat our fruit and vegetables, but eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables each day is a lot!   It can take a lot of time to prepare various dishes while juicing saves you time and effort. Juicing is less tiring and more efficient than eating large quantities of raw vegetables every day.

Juicing also makes it very easy for your body to absorb the nutrients in the fresh produce.  When you make a juice, the juicer breaks up the cells of the produce, separating it from the insoluble fiber.  The nutrients are then quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, as the gut doesn’t now have to use energy to remove it from the insoluble fiber.

Freshly-made juice is also very different from store-bought juices.  Commercial juices have been processed so much that very little nutrients are left.  It has been heat-treated, killing most of the beneficial enzymes and destroying nutrients.  Commercial juices are also often loaded with preservatives, stabilizers and chemicals to preserve shelf-life.

Juicing helps us to enjoy more variety in our diets.  Most people, and I include myself here, eat the same limited amount of fruit and vegetables. It’s a habit, you see.  Juicing encourages you to enjoy a wider variety of veggies even if you don’t like to eat those veggies whole.