Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer C7000

Accommodating whole ingredients with a 77mm (3 inches)-wide feeding tube!


  1. Upgraded Juicing Screw (auger).
  2. Simplified parts make clean up easier.
  3. 3-in-1 Multi-Function (Juice, Smoothie or Sorbet)
  4. Newly designed smart cap with metal finish.
  5. Slow-squeezing juice extractor.
  6. A rotating cleaning brush for easier cleaning.
  7. Smart Cap for combining juices and preventing leaks.
  8. Safety-lock & Cooling system.
  9. Quiet operation.

Upgraded Juicing Screw (Auger)

Upgraded Ultem screw for best juice extraction

The simplified screw, minimizes pulp buildup, inside the juicer, and increases the juice yield. It also makes for easier cleanup.

Upgraded Juicing Bowl

Easy cleaning of the juicing bowl

The simplified juicing bowl has less parts to worry about, making assembly and cleanup easier.


3-in-1 multi-function

You can make juices, sorbet and smoothies

Make delicious juices, sorbet and smoothies by using the different strainers.

Gentle extraction

The patented JMCS squeezing technology enables gentle extraction of the fruit and vegetable juices.


The safety-lock system is equipped with a design that allows it to work only if the main components are assembled correctly.

Easy cleaning

You can easily clean up trace residues in the juice strainer. Put the rotating cleaning brush and the juice strainer together and twist it!

Sleek design

The juicer has a sleek design that uses less space on the countertop.  Also, the hopper/lid is translucent so you can see the ingredients being juiced!

Smart Cap

The Smart Cap prevents leaking while you pour the juice into a glass. It also helps to mix juices together from various ingredients to make richer juices!

Quiet operation

With its built-in quiet design and slow-rotating, special deceleration motor, Kuvings juicers generate less noise and vibration!