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7 Day Reboot With Adele | Supermarket Foods | No Beet


The perfect juice reboot to kickstart your health journey, do a juice cleanse, or just reset your eating habits!  This 7-day program is designed to be budget-friendly, using generally available produce, and best of all, no beetroot!



In this 7 Day Reboot, you will commit to enjoying fresh, raw juices and smoothies made from whole fruits and vegetables.  This Reboot is budget-friendly by making juices from produce that is generally available at your supermarket.  You can start any day, and you get online support from us to help you during your 7 days.  


What you’ll get: 

  • Online support to answer any questions you may have during your Reboot (via email)
  • An 80-page ebook which contains the following:
  • Juicing with confidence
  • Tips on preparing for your Reboot
  • Equipment you will need
  • Steps on how to make a juice
  • A 7-day juice plan and shopping guide
  • 19 tried and tested juice recipes
  • Substitution Guide
  • Optional superfoods to boost nutrition
  • Supplement guide
  • How to ease into and out of a juice Reboot
  • Eating well for life
  • A letter for your doctor
  • Answers to 15 frequently asked questions


Once purchased, you will receive a link via email for a WeTransfer download where you will be able to download your files.  The link will be sent to you within 48 hours after purchase to the email address you provided.  Please download the files within 7 days of receiving the link.  If you have any problems with the download, please contact us.


*Individual results may vary.  Reboots are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical or health condition.  Reboots are not recommended for everyone – please consult with your licensed medical doctor to assess any potential risks with consideration of your medical situation or interaction with prescribed medication.  Reboots are not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing.  

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