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How to have All-Day Energy in Times of Disruption, Crises and Chaos

High performers, entrepreneurs and business leaders are being required to give more of themselves to deal with the new unknown world.  Rules have not just been changed, they have been thrown out!  How do you build and maintain energy when people are stressed, exhausted and burned out?


We need a new playbook for health and energy as we navigate new ways of working, where lines between home and work are not just blurred, they have been completely demolished.


This keynote shows you how to build limitless energy.  Based on scientific -backed research, you will learn practical tools to create energy, supported by strategies to implement the tools.


Perfect for the leadership team that needs themselves and their teams to be healthy, focused and energised to create the new playbook for the next “new normal”. 


Available as an online presentation or workshop.

Online Keynote Presentation: R14 700  |  3-hour Interactive Workshop: R25 000


The uncomfortable (but funny) truth about gut health and work performance!

If you want to know if your body is healthy and is able to respond to the demands you put on it, there is just one place to look.  In this hilarious keynote presentation, Adele asks the question: how healthy are you really?


Research has shown that gut health is needed for overall health, brain function and performance.  You can eat all the healthy food in the world, but if your gut cannot absorb the nutrients, you are deficient and at risk of becoming ill.

In this hilarious and informative presentation, Adele addresses the (uncomfortable) topic of performance, nutrition and bowel movements.  Yes, bowel movements!  It truly is the daily barometer of your health!


An energising and unusual presentation for your next event, delivered with humour and style, leaving delegates with one question to answer: did you look?


Available as a keynote presentation.

Online Keynote Presentation: R14 700


How to reclaim your energy and recharge your life from being distracted, disconnected and disengaged.

Are you and your team time-starved, over-worked, stressed, disengaged, distracted and even burned out?  


Burnout has been labelled the biggest organisational hazard of our time.  Burnout happens more than we would like to acknowledge and often with high achievers.  The impact of burnout and exhaustion is crippling, not just for the individual who is exhausted and perhaps burned out, but also for the team and organisation.  



Can you recharge your batteries for long-term unlimited energy?  In this keynote, you will learn the tools and strategies to create energy, recover from fatigue and how to prevent burnout.


Available as a keynote presentation.

Online Keynote Presentation: R14 700